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Scribblings around the Cycle

The Dzur Heir to the Throne
(this is in the process of being updated. EXCITING!)

Hi. This is a little bit about me.

I work as a technical writer in downtown Boston. It's pretty great.

I larp, I fence in the SCA, I roll dice around a table with friends. I read a lot, goof off on my PC, and am still trying to get things together so I can work on some independant Tolkien research.

Along with all of this, I'm just trying to be me.

This space due to be updated at random intervals, as the mood strikes.

"They danced before my eyes. The Dragaeran Empire, its population divided into seventeen Great Houses, each with its animal representation, seemed to unfold in my hands. Here was the Empire of Dragaerans, and here was I, the Easterner, the outsider.
It wouldn't get any easier.
The eyes of no gods upon me, I began."
Vlad Taltos in "Taltos", by Stephen Brust